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Final ASAS TN2 Seminar

The Airborne Separation Assistance System Thematic Network 2 (ASAS-TN2) committee would like to invite you to the ASAS TN2 Seminar: ASAS Now! 14th – 15th April, Paris, Marriott rive Gauche Hotel.

ADS-B implementation programmes are under way in many parts of the world. These will provide a solid foundation for the use of ASAS applications, some of which are already in operational use.

This Seminar is the concluding event of the second stage of the European Union funded ASAS Thematic Network which was tasked with accelerating the implementation of ASAS applications in European Airspace, taking account of global interoperability, in order to increase airspace capacity and safety. This event is the culmination of five years of co-ordination and exchange of information which has brought together the ASAS community including technical, operational and research specialists, service providers and airlines from Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.

The seminar will explain how some ASAS applications are being used now. It will describe how ASAS applications are included in the global ATM concepts, and in the SESAR and NextGen ATM programmes. It will explain the potential of the high capability level applications, in particular for airborne separation and self separation. And it will explain how ASAS can enhance safety on the airport surface.

A major milestone has now been achieved. ASAS applications are embedded in the SESAR vision for European ATM.

The workshop is in the form of three sessions of presentations, each followed by a period of debate on key issues raised. The presentations and debate are recorded in the form of a workshop report to deliver key messages to the Air Traffic Management (ATM) community.

Day 1: Monday 14th April 2008:
09:30 – 10:00:
• Thales Air Systems welcome
•  Introduction

Session 1: 10:00 – 13:00: progress and status of implementation and standardisation

This session will report on what happened on the ASAS domain since the last workshop six months ago. It will provide an update on global ASAS activities concerning implementation, standardisation and validation.
The session will also report on how ASAS could enhance flight operations in the vision of airlines, including initiatives that are currently undertaken.

Chair: Tony Henley (BAE Systems) secretary: Nico De Gelder (NLR)
• 10:00 - 10:20 Review of earlier ASAS TN recommendations (Ken Carpenter, QinetiQ)
• 10:20 - 10:40 CASCADE/RFG – progress on ADS-B/ASAS implementation and standards (Jörg Steinleitner, EUROCONTROL HQ)
• 10:40 - 11:00 FAA – update on ADS-B/ASAS (Vinny Capezzuto, FAA)

• 11:00 - 11:20 Canadian Implementation of ADS-B out –  (Jeff Cochrane, NAv canada) (Hudson Bay video)

• Discussions

• 11:30 - 11:50 ASAS activities at the ICAO level: step(s) towards global standardisation (Jean-Marc Loscos, DSNA)
• 11:50 12:10 Legal aspects (Francis Schubert, Skyguide)
• Discussions

14:30 – 17:45:
• 14:30 - 14:50: Results of ASAS maturity assessment (Chris Shaw, EUROCONTROL EEC) (summary handout distributed at the workshop)
• 14:50 - 15:10: UPS - use of ASAS Merging and Spacing at Louisville (Bob Hilb, UPS)  (UPS arrivals at Louisville)
• 15:10 - 15:30: SAS - ASAS experiments on the airport surface (Peter Larsson, LFV)

• 15:30 - 16:00 Discussions
• 16:00 - 16:30 Coffee break

• 16:30 - 16:50: KLM - Operations at Schiphol: how does ASAS fit? (Edwin Kleiboer, KLM)
• 16:50 - 17:10:ASAS self separation and cruise climb for business jets (Serge Lebourg, Dassault Aviation)
• 17:10 - 17:30: AP23: long term ASAS beyond Package 1 (Dragos Tonea, EUROCONTROL HQ & Roberta Massiah, FAA)

• 17:30 - 18:00: Discussions

Day 2: Tuesday 15th April:
Session 2: 09:30 – 12:30 ASAS in European and US ATM plans
Chair: Jean-Claude Richard (Thales Avionics) secretary: Giorgio Matrella (ENAV)

ASAS is no longer a stand alone concept but fully embedded into global ATM Concepts of Operation issued recently by major ATM initiatives such as NextGen and SESAR. This session addresses the various ways that SESAR and NextGen, from an institutional standpoint, and AIRBUS and BOEING, from an industrial standpoint, are implementing ASAS in their respective master plans and roadmaps.

• 09:30 - 09:50: ASAS within SESAR master plan (D4, D5, D6) (Andy Barff (EUROCONTROL EEC & Fraser McGibbon, BAE Systems)
• 09:50 - 10:10: ASAS within NextGen Integrated Work Plan (Doug Arbuckle, JPDO/NASA)
• 10:10 - 10:30: ASAS SESAR/NextGen relationship (Don Ward, FAA)

• 10:30 - 11:00: Discussions
• 11:00 - 11:30: Coffee break

• 11:30 - 11:50: Boeing ASAS roadmap (John Brown)
• 11:50 - 12:10: Airbus ASAS roadmap (Stéphane Marché)

• 12:10 - 12:30: Discussions

Session 3: 14:00 – 17:00: ASAS where it is needed
Chair: Billy Josefsson (LFV) secretary: Peter Howlett (Thales Air Systems)

This session focuses on two themes: use of ASAS to prevent RWY incursions, and long term ASAS strategies.

RWY incursions are a major safety issue, growing larger as a result of the traffic increase. An accident is simply "unacceptable" by all stakeholders. A study (CAST, 2002) found that the runway incursion problem can be reduced by as much as 95 percent with a combination of technologies that greatly enhance pilot situational awareness and provide conflict alerting to air traffic controllers and pilots. The first part of the session will look into different aspects and research results related to the role of ASAS in the prevention of runway incursions.

The second part of this session will look into long term ASAS strategies in the US & Europe and updates of some ongoing research projects.

• 13:45 - 14:05: RWY incursion facts and comparison US & Europe (Phil Hogge, ASAS TN2)

see also ALPA white paper runway Incursions and a SAS Inside article
• 14:05 - 14:25:  EMMA2: Airport surface: runway incursion ATSA-SURF (Michael Roeder, DLR & Antonio Nuzzo, ENAV)
• 14:25 - 14: 45: NUP2+: Safe and efficient airport operations (Lars Lindberg, AVTECH/LFV)
• 14:45 - 15:05: CRISTAL ITP Simulations and trials of ATSAW ITP in N. Atlantic (Johan Martensson, EUROCONTROL HQ)

• 15:05 - 15:30 Discussions
• 15:30 - 16:00 Coffee break

• 16:00 - 16:20: Equipment hosted in Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) (Cyro Stone, ACSS)
• 16:20 - 16:40: Merging & Spacing Roadmap by MITRE (Randy Bone, MITRE)

• Discussions
Closing remarks

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