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Acronyms related to ASAS studies

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3FMS Free Flight, Flight Management System (project)
4D 4 Dimensions (i.e. Longitude, Latitude, Altitude and Time)
5th FP Fifth Framework Programme
AA Autonomous Aircraft
AAA Advanced Airborne Applications (6th FP Integrated Project)
AAS Airborne Approach Spacing
AATT Advanced Air Transportation Technologies
A/C Aircraft
AC Advisory Circulars
ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACC Area Control Centre
ACCS Air Command and Control Systems
ACG CNS/ATM Consultancy Group
ACJ Advisory Circular Joint
ACM Airborne Conflict Management
ACP ASAS Crossing Procedure
ADD Aircraft Derived Data
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast
ADS-B-ACC GS application - ATC surveillance for en-route airspace
ADS-B-ADD GS application - Aircraft derived data for ground tools
ADS-B-APT GS application - Airport surface surveillance
ADS-B-NRA GS application - ATC surveillance in non-radar areas
ADS-B-TMA GS application - ATC surveillance in terminal areas
ADS-C ADS - Contract
ADSP Automatic Dependent Surveillance Panel
ADS PSG ADS Programme Steering Group
AEA Association of European Airlines
AEEC Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
AENA Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navigacion Aerea (Spain)
AFAS Aircraft in the Future ATM System (project)
AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AFMS Advanced Flight Management System
AFR Autonomous Flight Rules
AGC Air/Ground Cooperative ATS Programme
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication
AIS Aeronautical Information Service
AIRSAW Airborne Situational Awareness
AMAN Arrival Manager
AMCP Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel
AMU Audio Management Unit
ANC Air Navigation Commission
ANP Actual Navigation Performances
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider
AO Autonomous Operations
AOC Airline Operational Control
AOP Autonomous Operations Planner
AOPA Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association
AP1 Action Plan 1 (FAA/EUROCONTROL R&D Committee)
APANPIRG Asia Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group
APP Approach Control
APW Area Proximity Warning
ARB Air Registration Board
ARDEP Analysis of Research & Development in European Programmes
ARIBA ATM system safety criticality Raises Issues in Balancing Actors responsibility
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated
ARTAS ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server
AS application Airborne Surveillance application
ASA Airborne Surveillance Application for EUROCAE
  Airborne Separation Assurance for RTCA
  Automated Support to ATC (EATMP programme)
ASAS Airborne Separation Assistance Systems
ASAS TN Airborne Separation Assistance Systems Thematic Network
ASD Avionic System Division
ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ASDE-X Airport Surface Detection Equipment Model X
ASEP Airborne Separation
ASFA Airborne Surveillance Functional Architecture (project)
ASIA Approach Spacing for Instrumented Approach
ASIVAL Assessment of the ATM System Configuration Subject to Validation
ASM Airborne Separation Minima (CARE/ASAS Activity 3 project)
ASOR Allocation of Safety Objectives and Requirements
A-SMGCS Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
ASPA-C&P AS application - Enhanced crossing and passing operations
ASPA-ITP AS application - In-trail procedure in oceanic airspace
ASPA-S&M AS application - Enhanced sequencing and merging operations
ASSA Airport surface situational awareness
ASSAP Airborne Surveillance and Separation Assurance Processing
ASSTAR Advanced Safe Separation Technologies and Algorithms
ATA Air Transport Alliance
ATAAS Advanced Terminal Area Approach Spacing
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCEUC Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination
ATCo Air Traffic Controller
ATD Air Traffic Control & Data Processing
ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATM Air Traffic Management
ATMAW Air Traffic Management Awareness
ATMCP Air Traffic Management Operational Concept Panel
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATOBIA Air Transport Operators Benefit Incentive Analysis
ATS Air Traffic Services
ATSA Airborne Traffic Situation Awareness
ATSA-AIRB AS application - Enhanced traffic situational awareness during flight operations
ATSA-S&A AS application - Enhanced visual acquisition for see & avoid
ATSA-SURF AS application - Enhanced traffic situational awareness on the airport surface
ATSA-SVA AS application - Enhanced successive visual approaches
ATSAW Air Traffic Situational Awareness
ATSP Air Traffic Services Provider
AVENUE ATM Validation ENvironment for Use towards EATMS (project)
B-RNAV Basic Area Navigation
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAP Controller Access Parameters
CARE Co-operative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL
CARE/ASAS Co-operative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL / Airborne Separation Assistance System
CASCADE Cooperative air traffic services through surveillance and communications applications deployed in European Civil Aviation Conference
CASSY Cockpit Assistant System
C-ATM Co-operative ATM (6th FP Integrated Project)
C&P Enhanced Crossing and Passing
CAVA Concerted Action on Validation of ATM Systems
CBA Cost Benefit Analysis
CBT Computer Based Training
CDM Collaborative Decision Making
CD&R Conflict Detection and Resolution
CDTI Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
CDU Cockpit Display Unit
CEFR CDTI Enhanced Flight Rules
CENA Centre d'Etudes de la Navigation Aérienne
CFIT Controlled Flight into Terrain
CFMU Central Flow Management Unit
CIP Convergence and Implementation Plan
CMU Control Management Unit
CNS Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
CO Project Co-ordinator
CONOPS Concepts of Operations
COOPATS Cooperative ATS
CO-space Cooperative Spacing (project)
CORDIS Community Research & Development Information Service
CPA Closest Point of Approach
CPDLC Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications
CR Principal Contractor
CRISTALS Co-opeRative Validation of Surveillance Techniques and AppLications of Package I
CRM Collision Risk Model
CSA Co-operative Separation Assurance
CSD Context and Scope Document
CSPA Closely Spaced Parallel Approach
CTAS Center Terminal Radar Approach Control Automation System
CWP Controller Working Position
DAAS Dependable Approach to ATM Systems
DADI-2 Datalinking of Aircraft Derived Information - 2
DAG-TM Distributed Air/Ground Traffic Management
DAP Directorate ATM Programmes
  Downlinked Aircraft Parameters
DAP/SAF DAP/ Safety Enhancement
DAP/SPR DAP/ Sector Productivity
DAS Directorate ATM Strategies
DAS/AFN DAS/ Airspace Flow management & Navigation
DAS/ATS DAS/ Air Traffic Services
DAS/CSM DAS/ Communication & Surveillance Management
DCDU Data link Communication Display Unit
DCPN Dynamically Coloured Petri Net
DERA Defense Evaluation and Research Agency
DFS Deutsche Flug Sicherung (Germany)
DG Directorate General
  Drafting Group
DG TREN Department of Transport and Energy
DGNSS Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DLIC Data Link Initiation Capability
DLR Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft und Raumfart (Germany)
DMAN Departure Manager
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DMP Document Management Plan
DMS Departure Management Systems
DOD Department of Defence
DOP Daily Operational Plan
DOT Department of Transport
DSNA Direction des Services de Navigation Aérienne
DST Decision Support Tools
EACAC Evolutionary Air ground Co-operative ATM Concepts
EAD European Aeronautical Database
EADI Electronic Attitude Director-Indicator
EAGLES European Air Ground Laboratory for Efficient System integration
EASA European Aviation Safety Authority
EATM European Air Traffic Management
EATMP EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Management Programme
EATMS European Air Traffic Management System
EC European Commission
ECA European Cockpit Association
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
EC/DG Research EC/Directorate General Research
EC/DG TREN EC/Directorate General Transport
ECIP European Convergence and Implementation Plan
ECLECTIC Electronic separation Clearance Enabling the Crossing of Traffic under Instrument meteorological Conditions (CENA project)
EEC EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EFMS Experimental Flight Management System
EFR Extended Flight Rules
EMERALD EMErging RTD Activities of reLevance for ATM concept Definition (project)
EMERTA EMErging Technologies Opportunities, Issues and Impact on ATM (project)
EMOSIA European Model for ATM Strategic Investment Analysis
ENAV Ente Nazionale di Assistenza al Volo (Italy)
ESARR EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirements
ESVA Enhanced Successive Visual Approach
E-TIBA Enhanced Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft
ETA Event Tree Analysis
ETCAS Enhanced Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System
ETMA Extended TMA
ETMS Enhanced Traffic Management System
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EU European Union
EUP Effective Update Period
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Electronics
EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the safety of air navigation
EVA Enhanced Visual Acquisition
EVAcq Enhanced Visual Acquisition
EVApp Enhanced Visual Approach application
EVP EATM Validation Project (formerly C3T)
F2WGO Free Flight Working Group - Operational
F&CM Flow and Capacity Management
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAF Final Approach Fix
FALBALA First Assessment of the operational Limitations, Benefits & Applicability for a List of package I AS applications (CARE/ASAS Activity 4 project)
FANS Future Air Navigation Systems (ICAO Special Committee)
FARAWAY Fusion of ADS and RAdar data through two-WAY data link (project)
FAROA Final Approach and Runway Occupancy Awareness
FAST Full Autonomous Separation Transfer
FD Flight Deck
FDPS Flight Data Processing System
FFAS Free Flight Airspace
FFM Free Flight Mode
FGCS Flight Guidance Control System
FIR Flight Information Region
FIS Flight Information Service
FIS-B Flight Information Service - Broadcast
FITAMS Flight Trial of ATN with Multiple Subnetworks
FL Flight Level
FLIPINT Flight Path Intent
FM Flow Manager
FMA Final Monitor Aid
FMC Flight Management Computer
FMS Flight Management System
FMU Flight Management Unit
FP Framework Programme
FREER Free-Route Experimental Encounter Resolution (EEC project)
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTS Fast Time Simulation
FUA Flexible Use of Airspace
G2G Gate to Gate
GA General Aviation
GAF Ground ADS Function
GAT General Air Traffic
GAAS Generic Approach to ATM System
GAASR Group of Air Navigation Service, Airport and Ground Aids Safety Regulators
GEARS Generic Algorithmic Resolution Service
GENOVA General Overall Validation for ATM
GLS Global Navigation Satellite System Landing System
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GPS Geostationary Positioning System
GPW Ground Proximity Warning
GS Ground Surveillance
GSA Ground Surveillance applications
GSC Global Signalling Channel
GVAT Ground Vehicle ADS Transponder
HAZOPS Hazard and Operability Study
HCAA Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (Greece)
HF High Frequencies

Human Factors
HILAS Human Integration in the Lifecycle of Aviation Systems
HIPS Highly Interactive Problem Solver
HMD Horizontal miss distance
HMI Human Machine Interface
HQ Head Quarter
HUD Head Up Display
IA Interoperability Assessment
IAF Initial Approach Fix
IAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
IAPA Implications on ACAS performances due to ASAS implementation (project)
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ID Identification
IFALPA International Federation of AirLine Pilot Association
IFATCA International Federation of Air Traffic Controller Association
IFPS Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
ILS Instrument Landing System
IM Information Management
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
INECO Ingerieria Economia del Transporte, S.A. (Spain)
INS Inertial Navigation System
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IRS Inertial Reference System
INTEGRA Advanced ATM Tool Integration Project (CARE Action)
INTENT The Transition towards Global Air and Ground Collaboration In Traffic Separation Assurance
INTEROP interoperability
IP Integrated Project
IPR Intellectual Property Right
IRS Inertial Reference System
ISA Instantaneous Self Assessment
ISAWARE Increasing Safety through collision Avoidance WARning integration
ISDEFE Ingeniera de Systemas
ISO International Standards Organisation
ITP In trail procedure in oceanic airspace
JAA Joint Airworthiness Authority
JANE Joint Air Navigation Experiments
JAFTI JURG ADS Fast Track Initiative
JANE Joint Air Navigation Experiments (project)
JAR Joint Aviation Regulations
JCB Joint Coordination Board
JIP JAA Implementation Procedures
JITSO Joint Technical Standard Order
JPDO Joint Planning and Development Office
JURG AEA/IATA ATM-CNS Joint User Requirements Group
KPA Key Performance Area
Kts Knots
LAP Lower Airspace Project
LCIP Local Convergence and Implementation Plan
LFV Luftfartsverket (Swedish Civil Aviation Administration)
LSC Local Signalling Channel
LSK Longitudinal Station Keeping
MA-AFAS More Autonomous Aircraft in the Future ATM System (project)
MAEVA Master ATM European Validation Plan (project)
MAICA Modelling and Analysis of the Impact of the Changes in ATM (project)
MAS Managed Airspace
MASPS Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards
MATSE ECAC Transport Ministers' Meeting on the Air Traffic System in Europe
MB Member
MCDU Multifunction Control and Display Unit
MCP Manoeuvre change points
MDF Miss Distance Filtering
MEDUP Mediterranean Update Project
MFF Mediterranean Free Flight (project)
MGF Manoeuvre Generation Function
MGTOW Maximum Gross Take Off Weight
MHz Mega Hertz
MIA Malta International Airport (Malta)
MMEL/MEL (Master) Minimum Equipment List
MODE S Mode of SSR which provides selective addressing of aircraft
MONA Monitoring Aids
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standards
MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
MSP Multi Sector Planning
MSR message success rate
MSSR Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar
MTCD Medium Term Conflict Detection
MTCDR Medium-Term Conflict Detection and Resolution
MTL Minimum Triggering Level
MUFTIS Model Use of Fast-Time Simulation (project)
MVA Minimum Vectoring Altitude
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
NAT Atlantic Region
NATPG North Atlantic Planning Group
NATS National Air Traffic Services (United Kingdom)
NAV Navigation
ND Navigation Display
NDB Non Directional Beacon
NEAN Northern Europe ADS-B Network (project)
NEAP North European CNS/ATM Application Project
NGATS Next Generation Air Transport System
NGSS New Generation Satellite Systems
NIA National Institute for Aerospace
NLR Nationaal Lucht en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (the Netherlands)
NM Nautical Miles
NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NOTAM Notices to Airmen
NRA Non Radar Area
NUC Navigation Uncertainty Category
NUP NEAN Update Program
OAT Operational Air Traffic
OCD Operational Concept Document
ODIAC Operational Development of Integrated surveillance and Air/ground Data Communication
ODT Operational Requirements and ATM Data Processing Team
OED Operational Environment Definitions
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OH Operational Hazard
OHA Operational Hazard Analysis
OIs Operational Improvements
ONERA Office National d'Etude et de Recherche Aéronautique (France)
OPA Operational Performance Assessment
OPLINKP Operational Data Link Panel (former ICAO ADSP)
ORD Operational Requirement Document
OSA Operational Safety Analysis
OSED Operational Service and Environment Description
OSEIC Operational Services and Environment Information Capture
OST Office of Science and Technology
PANS-ATM Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Air Traffic Management
PANS-OPS Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aircraft Operations
PATIO Platform for ATM Tools Integration up to pre-Operation (project)
PC Planning Controller
PETAL Preliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/ground data-link Project
PHARE Programme for Harmonised ATM Research in EUROCONTROL
PM Project Manager
PMP Project Management Plan
PO-ASAS Principles of Operation for the Use of ASAS
PPL Project Participant List
PRM Precision Radar Monitoring
PRU Performance Review Unit
PSG Programme Steering Group
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar
PSSA Preliminary System Safety Assessment
QoS Quality of Service
R&D Research and Development
RADNET Radar Network
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RAP Recognised Air Picture
RASA Requirements Analysis, Strategy and Architecture
RCP Required Communication Performances
RCR Raw Collision Risk
RDPS Radar Data Processing System
RFG Requirements Focus Group
RFL Required Flight Level
RFP Request for proposal
RGCSP Review of the General Concept of Separation Panel
RNAV Area Navigation
RNP Required Navigation Performance
ROT Runway Occupancy Time
RSP Required Surveillance Performances
R/T Radio Telephony
RTA Required Time of Arrival
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTD Research and Technical Development
RTS Real Time Simulation
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
SA Separation Assurance
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAM Safety Assessment Methods
SAP System Access Parameters
SAR Search and Rescue
SARPs Standards and Recommended Practices
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SASP Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (former ICAO RGSCP)
SBU Service Business Unit
SC Strategic Co-operative (ASAS application)
  Special Committee
  Steering Committee
SCAA Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
SCRSP Surveillance and Conflict Resolution System Panel (former ICAO SICASP)
SCS Strategy, Concept & System
SCORS Surveillance Concept and Requirements
SD/ESC Senior Directorate / European ATM System and Convergence
SDPD Surveillance Data Processing and Distribution
SDPS Surveillance Data Processing System
SEAP Large Scale South European ADS pre-implementation Programme
SECAM Safety, Efficiency and Capacity of ATM Methodologies
SES Single European Sky
SESAME Single European Sky Implementation Programme
SICASP SSR Improvement and Collision Avoidance Systems Panel
SICTA Sistemi Innovativi per il Controllo del Traffico Aereo (Italy)
SK Station Keeping
SMEs Small and Medium-sized Entreprises
SMGCS Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
SMS Surface Management Systems
SPF Strategic Performance Framework
SPR Safety and Performance Requirements
SPS STDMA Performance Simulator
SRC Safety Regulation Commission
SRP Spacing Reference Point
SRU Safety Regulation Unit
SSA System Safety Assessment
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
STAR STandard Arrival Routes
STC Supplemental Types Certificates
STCA Short Term Conflict Alert
STM Surface Traffic Management
STNA Service Technique de la Navigation Aerienne (France)
STDMA Self-organised Time Division Multiple Access
STREP Specific Targeted REsearch Project
SUA Special Use Airspace
SUPRA Support for the Use of PResently unserved Airspace (project)
SURF Enhanced traffic situational awareness on airport surface
SURT Surveillance Team
SURV Surveillance
SVS Synthetic Vision System
SWIM System Wide Information
TAGA Traffic Awareness for General Aviation
TAP Telematics Application Programme
TBS Time Based Sequencing
TC Tactical Co-operative (ASAS application)
  Type Certificate
  Tactical Controller
TCAS Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCP Trajectory Change Point
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TELSACS TELematics for SAfety Critical Systems (project)
TEN-T Trans European Network - Transport
TFM Traffic Flow Management
TG Task Group
TGL Temporary Guidance Leaflet
THAV Thales Avionics
TIBA Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft
TIM Technical Interchange Meeting
TIS Traffic Information Service
TIS-B Traffic Information Service - Broadcast
TL Task Leader
TLS Target Level of Safety
TMA Terminal Manoeuvring Area
T-MAT University of Glasgow study
ToD Top of Descent
TOPAZ Traffic Organisation and Perturbation Analyser
TORCH Technical, EcOnomical and OpeRational Assessment of an ATM Concept AcHievable from the year 2005
TOSCA Testing Operational Scenarios for Concepts in ATM (project)
TP Trajectory Prediction
TR Transmission Rate
TSA Traffic Situation Awareness (ASAS application)
  Temporary Segregated Airspace
TSD Traffic Situation Display
TT Tiger Team
TU Technical University
TWDL Two Way Data Link
Tx/Rx Transmission/Reception
UAP Upper Airspace Project
UAT Universal Access Transceiver
UAV Uninhabited Airborne Vehicle
UAT Universal Access Transceiver
UG User Group
UMAS Unmanaged Airspace
UOD User Objectives Document
UPS United Parcel Service
URD User Requirement document
US United States of America
VAPORETO VAlidation Process for Overall REquirements in (air) Traffic Operation
VC Vereinigung Cockpit
VDL VHF Digital Link
VDPG Validation Plan Drafting Group
VDR Validation Data Repository
VF Validation Framework (CARE/ASAS Activity 2 project)
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VHF Very High Frequency
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VOR VHF Omni-directional Radio range
VSA Enhanced visual separation on approach
WBS Work Break-down Structure
WG Working Group
WGS-84 World Geodetic System-84
WI Work Item
WL Work package Leader
WMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
WP Work Package
XFF eXtended Free-Flight

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