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The ASAS TN2, European Commission project, ended in September 2009.

Since we have been trying to carry on sharing the knowledge gained during those 5 years.
See below the links to a workshop organised in Rome in November 2008 and an ASAS forum held in May 2009.

For the moment there are no further events planned. We will keep you informed. 

Thank you very much to all the participants and people who gave us support.

An ASAS forum was held in Chicago, May 19-21, 2009
The presentations can be found on:


Following the successful series of ASAS-TN2 workshops, sponsored by the European Commission, a workshop was held in Rome on the 12th and 13th November, entitled; “Towards an ASAS-Global Network: Next Steps”.
It was sponsored and organised by EUROCONTROL in cooperation with the FAA and with the help of ENAV.   The object of this interim workshop was to provide an update on recent ASAS progress and to bridge the gap between the ASAS-TN2 and the proposed FAA/EUROCONTROL ASAS-GN.
Tthe Airborne Separation Assistance System Thematic Network 2 (ASAS-TN2), a three-year project that was primarily a communication activity. ASAS-TN2 was a Co-ordination Action organised within European Commission 6th Framework Programme on 'Aeronautics and Space'. The project is an Open Upstream Research activity for new generation ATM supported by Advanced Airborne System Applications.

The main objective of the ASAS Thematic Network 2 is to accelerate the application of ASAS/ADS-B operations in the European Airspace taking into account global applicability in order to increase airspace capacity and safety.

The ASAS Thematic Network 2 addresses the objective number 4 of key action "New Perspectives in Aeronautics" which is "Improvement of the operational capability of the aircraft in the air transport system and of its safety, with targets of increasing airspace capacity, reducing aircraft maintenance costs by 25% and decreasing accident rates by at least the same factor as the growth of traffic".

Regarding today's ATM situation in the core of Western Europe, the increased delays clearly indicate that capacity is a problem. It is a short-term problem so that actions are required. The ASAS-TN2 however provides on the short-term guidelines for a structural solution for the airspace safety and capacity problem, with a medium and long-term perspective Exploitation of the results of ASAS-TN2 can start 'immediately', but will be aimed at medium to long term. The ASAS Thematic Network 2 clearly addresses the four distinct activities defined by the European policies concerning Research and Technology, Transport, Employment and Social Policy and Industry:

  • research and technological development aimed at sustainable growth and employment;
  • co-operation with third countries and international organisations;
  • dissemination and exploitation of results; and
  • encouraging the training and mobility of researchers.


The ASAS-TN2 builds on the experience of the ASAS Thematic Network project (ASAS-TN). The ASAS-TN was a two-year project (December 2002 - November 2004) that was primarily a communication activity and that was sponsored by the European Commission (DG Research).

The project was organised within the work programme for Competitive and Sustainable Growth of the European Community, Key action 4, New Perspectives in Aeronautics, Target Platform 4, "More Autonomous Aircraft in the Future Air Traffic Management System. The ASAS-TN delivered successful workshops (Rome, 04/2003, Malmö, 10/2003 and Toulouse 04/2004). It concluded with a seminar in Brighton in October 2004 presenting elements of an ASAS implementation strategy. The ASAS-TN Library is also a key feature of the Thematic Network.


The main ASAS Thematic Network outputs consist in the sharing of the current knowledge on ASAS between all European stakeholders and in recommendations for future activities necessary to reach the operational use of ASAS applications.